Cursive Club

Happy New Year!

I am beyond excited to share with you my newest product: Cursive Club! 

If you watched my Facebook Live video the other day, I mentioned how I teach Cursive Club as an after school program. We don't have a particular handwriting curriculum, so this is a way for students who want to learn cursive to have that instruction. It's a 10 week program for about an hour and a half after school. When I learned that I would teaching it, I knew I had to design my own curriculum for how I would want to see it implemented. 

What will you get? 

140 pages of cursive instruction that includes practice pages, word practice, sentence practice, and my ultimate favorite: GAMES! I've supplied a ton of different options to incorporate games into this unit. Check out my kids in action with them!

Would you rather? 

Cursive Dominos 

Cursive Dice Game

Cursive Jenga

Cursive Write the Room 

Cursive Club can be set up in your own classroom however you'd like. I've designed it in a very simplistic manner to allow teacher to implement it in a way that best fits their classroom. When I teach it, we start whole group and break into small groups. Some days though, we would do everything whole group and independently. It really depends on what you are most comfortable with. 

To organize all the pages that are provided, I bought a binder and tabs. Each week is separated, so I can quickly turn to the week I'm on and grab what is needed. I've also provided supplemental activities if you need more activities during a given week. 

I hope you find this to be a fun way to teach cursive! If you have any questions, please let me know! 

Thank you for your continued support!


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