Now find the theme and central idea, find the theme, theme, and central idea (find it)!

Oh, sorry. I was just singing our song for theme...

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Teaching theme? Need some fun, engaging ways to incorporate music into your lessons? I've got you covered!

I always start this unit with reviewing what theme is and how you find it. Then, we delve into how there are a variety of details that you could identify to help you determine the theme. Here is a sample of a few:

In the pack that I've created, I've given you a recording page that can be used with any text. The students will read the text or story and identify these details. From these details, they will then determine the theme. After they try this a few times, then I let them try it with songs. I have never seen students so engaged!! 

First, model the whole process with a song you choose. I have found that this helps set the expectations and clarify any misconceptions. Then, use your data from pre-assessments to determine groups. When I completed this activity, I chose six songs and divided the students into six groups based off of their needs. Then, they worked on this together and turned in for a grade. (a rubric is included) 

NOTE: the song lyrics are NOT INCLUDED in this pack due to Copyright. 

There are a few other activities included in the pack that help determine how theme develops and how many themes may overlap. 

Curious about our songs or chants? Check them out through the links below: 

Also, to see my students completing the song activity, click here!

Now... here is a FREEBIE!

Thank you and let me know if you have questions!

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