Singing in the Classroom

I love to sing. I love to dance. 

Since visiting the Ron Clark Academy, I knew the one thing I had to implement immediately was creating songs that tie to my curriculum. 

It's HARD to write these songs. 

It takes me weeks.

I have started asking the students to help me with lyrics, and they love this! Since I began implementing this to my classroom, I have seen a change in the climate of the room. The students want to sing the songs every. single. day. Check out my top three reasons why singing in the classroom has helped my instruction! 

Engagement is my top reason why I incorporate singing into my classroom. I teach reading, writing, and social studies to 5th graders. Let's be honest: this could get really boring. When I saw how songs were implemented at the Ron Clark Academy, I knew I could do it in my room, too. I told my students we would be singing songs to go with our curriculum and they got so excited. I make an effort to choose songs that are popular to them and that they will like. I have noticed that ALL students, even the quietest ones in the room, sing, dance, clap, etc. This makes my heart soar!! If you tap in to all types of learning, you are bound to see success.

Raise your hand if you can sing every word to a particular song, even from years ago? We ALL can! Singing is a great way to retain information because it's catchy! I have found myself singing the lyrics I HAVE CREATED when these songs come on the radio. The PE teacher at my school told me just last night, that when she did the "Whip and Nae Nae" with the kids, they sang my version about theme and central idea! Songs help kiddos retain valuable information!

Singing in the classroom is a great way to promote classroom participation. I know that not everyone is a good singer, but we all have something we can do during the song. For example, I have a little boy who claps the WHOLE way through our current song. He doesn't sing, but he gets up and claps the beat. I don't even care that he isn't singing the lyrics because maybe this doesn't fit his learning style. However, the idea of him standing and clapping the beat means he is participating and listening. I also have a student who never really speaks. But guess what? When we sing our songs, guess who is up and singing? You've got it... this student. I literally almost cried when I saw him singing.

I promise that this will change your teaching and students will be thrilled to sing popular songs in the classroom. I'm in the process of putting together my lyrics to have in my store as a free product. I want to share the love of singing in the classroom! Let me know if you have any questions!