Thirty Minute Meals

How is everyone doing with their recipes and cooking? I hope this is helping you ease back into school with some simplistic, yet wonderful meals! We only have one more week after this one to join, so please share and join us if you have some recipes that you love.

Join us every Thursday during the month of August for some delicious meals! Please share and feel free to link up! If you decide to join, grab these images (banner, ingredient card, recipe card, IG button) and promote on IG, Facebook, Twitter, etc! Don't forget to comment on others' posts with meaningful feedback!

For my third meal, I chose to go with a soup. I know it still is warm out in most places, but I love a good soup! (I feel like you could probably do this one in the crock pot, too.) I hope you enjoy the flavor of this as much as I do!

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  1. That soup sounds so good!! That will defiantly be on my meal list after grocery shopping!!