Thirty Minute Meals

Anyone else need some simple recipe ideas to help them start the new school year? Well, you have found exactly what you need! I have teamed up with some other teachers to bring to you, "Thirty Minute Thursdays!" All meals can be made in 30 minutes or less. The goal is to help you still have healthy meals, but not exhaust you with meal prep. If you're new at cooking, this may help you get started too! I can't wait to share our ideas with you! 

Join us every Thursday during the month of August for some delicious meals! Please share and feel free to link up! If you decide to join, grab these images (banner, ingredient card, recipe card, IG button) and promote on IG, Facebook, Twitter, etc! Don't forget to comment on others' posts with meaningful feedback!

Quick meal planning is so important for me! My first recipe is a Greek pasta salad. It's quick, easy, and delicious! Check it out below!

(I ended up using breaded chicken because I forgot to buy regular at the store. OOPS! It was just as delicious!)


  1. I'm not a salad person, but I like the idea of a noodle salad ;) I may have to give this recipe a shot :) Thanks so much for hosting the link up!

  2. Love this link up!! Cannot wait to join next time. Salad looks so yummy!

  3. Haley, I can't wait to see what you add to the linky! Let me know if you need anything or have questions!