BTS - Staying Refreshed

This last topic is one of my favorites. Yes, the organization, lesson planning, and get to know you things are so exciting. However, we need to find time for us and staying refreshed throughout the year.

Thank you to Stephanie for a wonderful series! She is such an inspiration to me, and a wonderful bloggy friend. I hope you go check out her blog!

Try, try, try to leave your work at school! This has been something that I have been doing and it really helps. I know it's hard, but your home time should be for you and your families. One tip that I have is this: I grade during my lunch. It is a daily routine that I get ALL my grading done during lunch time while I eat. I know you may not like this, as it takes away from down time during the day or time to talk with colleagues, but in return, it's an awesome feeling when you don't have to take it home!

Exercise! Some people like to head to the gym before school, but I'm an after school kind of gal. My hour at the gym after school, or a walk by the lake is MY time to decompress. I know this takes time out of your afternoon, and may be hard with your own kids, but I promise you... it's a great way to relieve stress. If you aren't familiar with the 21 Day Fix, it has 30 minute videos that are super easy to sneak in if you can't get a full workout in at the gym. (email me if you want more details about this!)

Devotion. Faith. Readings. Reflection. Whatever you believe in, take time to study it and apply it to your everyday life! I'm going to be starting a book study via Periscope with the book, "The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You." I'd love for you all to join!

Set up a schedule for your day. What time will you get to school? What time will you leave? I REFUSE to arrive or stay past a certain time. I am a morning person, so I get to school early and leave right away. Think about a schedule that you could stick to throughout the year to help you stay refreshed and not overworked. It will be different for everyone.

Think the end in mind: Have a plan. The night before school, it's helpful for me to have my lunches made, clothes out, gym bag packed, etc. Again, creating a nightly routine that works into your schedule. I know on the mornings when I haven't done this the night before, I feel SO much more stressed. 

Remember: It all gets done. It will be there tomorrow. Take time for you. BREATHE. You are doing the best job you can! 

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