BTS - First Week Activities

Back to school activities! I think this is one of the most exciting times of the year! Thank you again to Stephanie, from Mrs. D's Corner for an awesome link up!

So I have to be quite honest: I'm not planned yet for the first week. SHHHHH! I don't have students until September 8th, so why would I be, right? With my grade change, I'm really taking the time to find activities that will best meet the needs of my students, while really getting to know them. So, I do have a few things to share with you that I will be using! Check them out! (PS... sorry I don't have pictures to share!!)

One of the first things that I'm incorporating into my room this year is Hope King's "Set the Stage to Engage: First Day and Week Activities. I won't be using all of the items in the pack because we can't have food, but I will be taking almost everything else and implementing it. I'm super excited to see how my 5th graders react to the photo booth!

Check out her product here.

I think it is so important to get to know your students as much as you can throughout the year. They all learn in a variety of ways, so when I found this next product, I knew I needed it. 

Do follow Literacy for Big Kids? If you don't, get to her blog now! She has a ton of really great, simplistic products. (I think I may own her whole store) EEK! 

Anyway, she has a product called: Upper Grade Learning Inventory Surveys. I can't wait to se how my students respond and learn all about them! Check it out now! 

Pictures will come as I use these materials! Check them out as soon as you can! 

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