Creating Across Chicago - Stop Two

Are you ready for your second stop in Chicago? When this post goes live, I will be flying out to Vegas. (have I mentioned how excited I am for Vegas?)

I have been really busy with creating baby invitations and decor. In fact, I was asked to design someone's wedding invites. (EEEEEKKKK) I haven't been able to do any school stuff yet (which I'm ok with...) and been simply working on these types of things. For today's stop, I decided to simply take you there. I walked around and didn't create anything. Finding balance sometimes means you put the computer away and relax. So, I did just that!

Check out stop two!


  1. LOVE seeing Chicago! One of these times when I am back up there we must meet up!
    Have fun in Vegas :)

  2. Carrie, I'm so glad you like this series! YES! Let's meet up for sure!