Creating Across Chicago - Stop Three

I can't believe we are already into the third week of July. We all look forward to summer, and then it goes by so quickly. One of my favorite things about summer is being able to create from home with no sense of rush. When the school year starts, we all have so much going on that everything fees chaotic. I hope everyone is getting done as much as I am! What do you love the most about summer creation?

Welcome to stop number three!! Wrigley Field! Now, clearly I'm not creating IN Wrigley Field. haha. However, I'm at the Starbucks next to. I only live 3 blocks from the field, and can hear the games from my house! (This will be great for the concerts this summer, too!) If you ever get a chance, you have to go to a Cubs game. There is so much history here! The tour is also highly recommended. I learned so much and it's a cool experience to go on the field! GO CUBS!

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  1. We are neighbors! I live right by Wrigley, too! I am loving this series!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars!