Creating Across Chicago - Final Stop

We are at our final stop of, "Creating Across Chicago." Sharing this incredible city with everyone was wonderful! I highly recommend a visit if you can! There are so many other places I could have shown you, but had to choose my favorite four.

Check out our final stop! MICHIGAN AVENUE! THE MAG MILE! AH! Who doesn't love to shop?! So, today, I went to church, worked at a Starbucks downtown for like 2 hours, then came shopping! I love the stores down here, especially the Water Tower.

Here is my video and I have to apologize for talking so quickly! There were people walking by probably thinking I was a little cray cray for taking a video of myself. Haha.

Because I took you to the mag mile, it seems appropriate for someone to get the chance to win a shopping spree to my store! Please share with your friends! This ends on the 29th! Thank you so much for your support!

a Rafflecopter giveaway I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did! Join me next month for a cooking series!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Creating Across Chicago - Stop Three

I can't believe we are already into the third week of July. We all look forward to summer, and then it goes by so quickly. One of my favorite things about summer is being able to create from home with no sense of rush. When the school year starts, we all have so much going on that everything fees chaotic. I hope everyone is getting done as much as I am! What do you love the most about summer creation?

Welcome to stop number three!! Wrigley Field! Now, clearly I'm not creating IN Wrigley Field. haha. However, I'm at the Starbucks next to. I only live 3 blocks from the field, and can hear the games from my house! (This will be great for the concerts this summer, too!) If you ever get a chance, you have to go to a Cubs game. There is so much history here! The tour is also highly recommended. I learned so much and it's a cool experience to go on the field! GO CUBS!


TPT Vegas

Morning, everyone!

I recently got back from the Teachers Pay Teachers conference. My heart is full. My mind is spinning. My ideas are flowing. I. AM. TIRED. Anyone else? I literally laid on the couch all day yesterday, and have slept so much! It's a good tired though, right? Check out what I learned! (Please know this is the condensed version... I could go ON AND ON about everything, it was that amazing!)


Creating Across Chicago - Stop Two

Are you ready for your second stop in Chicago? When this post goes live, I will be flying out to Vegas. (have I mentioned how excited I am for Vegas?)

I have been really busy with creating baby invitations and decor. In fact, I was asked to design someone's wedding invites. (EEEEEKKKK) I haven't been able to do any school stuff yet (which I'm ok with...) and been simply working on these types of things. For today's stop, I decided to simply take you there. I walked around and didn't create anything. Finding balance sometimes means you put the computer away and relax. So, I did just that!

Check out stop two!


Shark Week Sale

Who doesn't love Shark Week?! My friend, Stephanie, loves sharks, and decided to host this awesome link up and SALE!

Head over to my store for some jaw dropping sales! Also - scroll down to see everyone who is throwing a sale!


Creating Across Chicago - First Stop

Welcome to my summer series of "Creating Across Chicago!" I'm so excited to show you around the city, as I spend my summer creating and getting ready for my new adventure in 5th grade. This will be a four week journey, so get excited!

Although, I've taught this grade before, I have a lot of work to get done to prepare. When I discussing this with my friend, Krista, we talked about going around the city and working in different locations. That's where this idea came to mind.

Chicago is such an incredible city, especially during the summer. I hope you enjoy this series and love seeing my summer adventures as I start my journey to 5th grade literacy.

Check out the first stop...