Weekend Warriors

Happy Sunday, my friends!

I'm feeling SO productive this morning! I've already gone for a walk by the lake, had my coffee, creating this blog, and  getting ready for church! WOW!

I'm excited to team up with some bloggers for this week's Weekend Warriors! You will get to learn  little more about me. Check it out!


  1. I love ME time too!! I lived in Ireland for a semester in college! Amazing!
    Thanks for linking up!
    A Burst of First

  2. ME time is important! And yes, collaboration is the key to success!

  3. Wow - we could be the same person! I think everyone needs Me time, to plan ahead and working out! GO to Ireland - it's amazing and will not disappoint!!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First

  4. I also love to plan ahead. I almost enjoy planning more than doing! I hope you get to go to Ireland one day!On the Go Teacher Mama

  5. I feel like I am the same "Teacher You!" I love to organize. My friends and family give me a hard time, but I don't mind. I am also pretty much obsessed with Pinterest....especially if I am pinning about organizing! Ireland sounds amazing. ~ Meghan (Meghan's Pad)

  6. I think we might be teacher twins! Everything in my classroom has a place and everything must be returned to its place. I plan, plan, plan (and sometimes I think it drives others a little crazy-haha!), and I often plan with my teaching partner. Collaborating makes planning so much easier! A visit to Ireland sounds great! I hope you get there one day soon!

    Primarily Speaking

  7. I love my me time too! This cookie would crumble to bits if I didn't get some of that every day!
    Ireland sounds amazing! I would love to get there someday too!
    Thanks so much for joining us for this month's linky. Be sure to join the Weekend Warriors next month!

    Mrs. DiBenedetto's First Grade Critter Cafe

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  9. Crystal, I must agree that I definitely like my me time. I like those quiet moments to myself where I can think and reflect. The walks along the lake look relaxing and beautiful. Planning and collaboration are also key in my book. It's inspiring to connect with so many passionate teachers. I hope your dream of traveling to Ireland happens someday soon! Looks like a beautiful place to visit. Have a great week!

  10. I'd LOVE to visit Ireland too! Also the English countryside since I'm obsessed with Jane Austen novels!! :)

    Thanks for linking up with us for WW!
    Sailing into Second