Five for Friday

Two weeks in a row, people!?! I love this link up because it is a fun way to reflect on your week and what is going on. In fact, I think it helps you find balance when you do take time to reflect. Check out what is going on in my world...

Today is my last day of school with kids! We go much later than everyone, but don't start back till September. I have had a really great year with my students and going to miss their sweet faces. However, I'm so excited about my upcoming change! I took this picture the other day as I was finalizing grades. Slowly starting to pack up my room!

This week, my students participated in Camp Read-a-Lot! They LOVED it! This is a great way to make reading workshop fun at the end of the year. I built it into their schedule, and they could complete their read to self in the tents. Talk about exciting! If you have never tried this before, definitely check it out on Teachers Pay Teachers. There are so many fun activities!

One of the things that I do to find balance is exercise. I try to work out everyday, but clearly sometimes I get busy. This is a great way for me to clear my mind and have some ME time. Since the weather is starting to get nice, I like to go to the lake front and walk. (No more running for me!) This is a TERRIBLE picture of me because I couldn't see anything, but I took it for my accountability group that I run on Facebook. We have Saturday Selfies of our work outs!

Have you heard of Joyce Meyer Ministries? I love her books, Facebook page, messages, you name it! She posted this recently and I appreciated it greatly. Again, it goes with the idea of balance: you need to find time to rest and take care of yourself. I hope you find a lot of peace in this verse!

I have a really exciting summer series that is going to launch on July 1st. I'll give you a hint: it has something to do with Chicago. Any ideas? 

Have a wonderful week, everyone! 


  1. Working out is the best stress reliever, isn't it? It is tough when life gets busy, but always worth it. I find I'm way more productive after a workout! :)
    Love your camp read-a-lot!

    Sprinkles for the Teacher

  2. Happy Summer! I completely understand about it being bittersweet, I'm going to miss my kiddos from this year too. I can't wait to hear about your summer series. I'll be on the look out for it. Have a great weekend. :)